Math 3407 Advanced Linear Algebra

Semester 2, 2021

The information here is released only to help you make preregistration decisions. Everything currently here is subject to change before the start of the semester.
Official course syllabus
Course overview - topics covered and differences from 2207
You are expected to be familiar with the course content of Math 2207, June 2020 version. Here are some prerequisite questions to prepare yourself.
Please note there will be no lecture slides - the class is handwritten "live", and photos of the whiteboard will be on Moodle after class. The class is based on a textbook, which you can buy from Dr. Pang for a low price.

Please preregister this class if you are interested! And if you cannot preregister, please email Dr. Pang to notify your interest. That will allow me to plan better for our particular group of students.

For more information, see the 2019 course website. But the class may cover different topics in different years, depending on students' interests.