GE Capstone and final year project information
If you want a recommendation letter from me

In 2023-24, I am teaching MATH2207, MATH3407, SCIE1006 (new course for year 1 science students only), GFQR1055 section 1 (new course, learn Excel tips).

Math 2207: there are four versions of the notes, corresponding to two different course titles and two different syllabi.
  • 2024: Linear Algebra 1 - includes basics about sets, functions and theorems, and improved order of topics. Public version to come in 2025.
  • 2023: Linear Algebra 1 (yellow footer) - does not cover abstract vector spaces, and improved order of topics
  • 2021: Linear Algebra (red footer) - similar to the 2020 version, but explained in a simpler way. (Only distributed to students, no online public version.)
  • 2020: Linear Algebra (blue footer) - covers abstract vector spaces

Math 3407: there are two versions of the course.

Some courses I lectured in the past:
Math 1025, Understanding Mathematics and Statistics (in-house general course), at HKBU
Math 141, Calculus II, at McGill
Math 2225, Calculus II, at HKBU
Math 2205, Multivariate Calculus, at HKBU

Some courses I TAed: (all at Stanford)
Math19 (single-variable differential calculus)
Math41 (accelerated single-variable differential calculus - does not exist anymore)
Math51 (linear algebra and multivariable calculus - majorly redesigned since I taught it)
Math120 (introduction to abstract algebra)

I have also been involved with two high school summer math camps:
SUMaC at Stanford
EPYMT at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In 2019, I received the Faculty/School/Academy Performance Award in Early Career Teaching (press release of all awardees). In 2021, I was part of a team receiving a Department Award in Teaching, for our work on online exams.

amypang [at] hkbu [dot] edu [dot] hk