Representations of Quantum Groups (2009), my Part III essay (i.e. honours thesis or final year project). It mainly deals with Uq(sl2).

Some notes from talks I have given.

What is a combinatorial Hopf algebra?, from 2014 Stanford graduate student colloquium, is based on Section 4.1 of my thesis. I tidied it up a bit so it's self-contained.

Card games and crystals (2011) given in graduate student colloquium. Warning: many photographs, not printer-friendly.

The Art Gallery Problem (2010) aimed at undergraduates, given as part of SUMO speaker series.

Hopf algebras and representation theory (2009) notes for a talk I gave in March 2009, as part of the Part III seminar series, and again in October 2009, in the graduate student colloquium.

Some scans of my (handwritten) lecture notes on representation theory and combinatorics. There are undoubtedly many mistakes and omissions, and the syllabus will probably have changed since I took them. I have notes on many other subjects too, ask me if you want to borrow something.

A first course in representation theory (Part II, Burt Totaro, 2008) (22Mb, because it's in colour)
Representations of S_n (from Part III character theory, Anton Evseev, 2009)
Representations of finite-dimensional Lie algebras (Part III, Ian Grojnowski, 2008)
Representations of GL(n) and U(n) (from 210C Representation Theory, Akshay Venkatesh, 2010. Heavily edited by me and Sam.)
Representation of GL_2(F_p) (from 210C Representation Theory, Akshay Venkatesh, 2010. Heavily edited by me, with help from Sam and Ralph.)
Enumerative combinatorics (235, Persi Diaconis, 2010)
Symmetric function theory and algebraic combinatorics (246, Persi Diaconis, 2011)
Descent Algebras (995B, Fran├žois Bergeron and friends, 2015. Translated and heavily edited by me; in particular I omitted many many things that I was already fluent in. I don't have notes of the classes taught by myself or by Nathan Williams.)
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