Math 3407 Advanced Linear Algebra

Semester 2, 2019

Official course syllabus
General information (updated January 13)
Course overview - topics covered and differences from 2207 (black and white version)
Reference sheet with the vector space axioms, and other things to be added later in the semester.
Prerequisites: Math 2207 full notes

Class: Monday 17:30-18:20 @LMC514; Friday 8:30-10:20 @OEM602.
Instructor: Dr. Amy Pang,
* Please put "Math 3407" in the subject, and allow 24 hours for a response. To include equations etc., attach a .pdf or .jpeg (e.g handwrite here and screenshot, or photo); no MS Word documents or raw latex files please. Or copy/paste these math symbols:      αβγδεζηθκλμνξπρστυφχψω      ∈∉⊂⊄⊆⊈⊃∪∩∅      ⊕⊥→↦⇒⇔∫√∏∑      more

18 May: The video of our optional/reunion class is now on Moodle for a limited time. If you are interested, please watch it before I delete it!

14 February: A second proof of the Rank-Nullity Theorem (typos fixed 3 March).

29 January: For your interest: notes from my professor at Cambridge, that combine linear algebra and abstract algebra.

25 January: If you want to buy the textbook for $60, either come to office hours, or email me and I will bring your book to class.

Office hours (with the instructor @FSC1204):
  • This schedule is tentative and subject to change throughout the semester.
  • The numbers indicate the relevant sections of the textbook.
  • You are strongly recommended to quickly read the textbook sections before class - look on the chat for the exact theorems covered.
  • Pictures of the board will be uploaded here after each class, and uploaded during class to the googledrive.
  • The dates in gray below are tentative and subject to change. It is the student's responsibility to check this page for new homework postings.
  • Homework is due either in class in the first 15 minutes on the due date, or in Dr. Pang's mailbox - please read the instructions carefully on each homework. No homework will be accepted after the due time, and no extensions will be granted under any circumstances.
  • You are encouraged to work with your classmates, but you must write up your solution by yourself - this is to ensure that you understand the solution, and can solve similar problems on the exams.
  • Please staple all sheets of your homework together, and put your name and student ID clearly on the front page.
  • You are strongly encouraged to make a copy of your homework (e.g. take a picture with your phone) before handing it in, so you have something to study from while it is graded.
  • Solutions will be available shortly after you receive your graded homework. Solutions require Moodle login, and some solutions will be blocked to individual students until you redo the question, e.g. in office hours or over email.

Release Date Due Date Solutions (login to Moodle before clicking)
Homework 1 15 January updated 26 January 30 January Solution
Homework 2 8 February third update 18 February 27 February Solution
Homework 3 4 March FIXED 9 May 22 March Solution
Homework 4 23 March FIXED 9 May 15 April Solution
Homework 5 15 April FIXED 12 May 2 May Solution
Midterm: roughly one hour, in class Monday 4 March. Solutions (requires Moodle login).
Final: 9:00 - 11:00, Tuesday 14 May, @SHSH.

Some information about question style.

The midterm will cover Chapters 6 and 7. This is probably everything up to and including the class of 22 February, and maybe a little more.

No notes are allowed in any of the exams. You will be given the reference sheet. Calculators are allowed.
Ask your questions anonymously, or collaborate with your classmates. You may write in English or Chinese. You can handwrite math by clicking on the "squareroot x button", or attach photos using the camera.
I sometimes post minor announcements here, like the theorems covered in each class, the night before.

General study advice

Essential study tips from Dr Vincent, University of Wisconsin. It's a long document, but full of really good advice. Sections 1, 2 and 5 are particularly relevant. Note that much of the logistical details in the last section are specific to the University of Wisconsin and do NOT apply to this class (e.g. we do NOT give incompletes).

Advice for struggling students from Dr Bosman, University of Rice.

Specific topics

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