I'm an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics at Hong Kong Baptist University. I work in algebraic combinatorics and probability. I'm interested in combinatorial Hopf algebras, descent algebras and their interplay with Markov chains; see my research page for more information.

Math 2207: there are three versions of the course.
  • 2022: Linear Algebra 1 (yellow footer) - Weeks 7-9, 13 are majorly rewritten in light of syllabus changes. (Public version to be released in 2023.)
  • 2021: Linear Algebra (red footer) - explained in a simpler way than the 2020 version. The week numbers are DIFFERENT from the other versions. (Only distributed to students, no online public version.)
  • 2020: Linear Algebra (blue footer)

Math 3407: there are two versions of the course.
  • 2023: Linear Algebra 2 - more information will be here in November.
  • 2019: Advanced Linear Algebra - the first 16 classes are rewritten for 2023 in light of the syllabus change of 2207.

Problem solving and mathematics competitions
Summer research and final year project information
If you want a recommendation letter from me

Office hours - in FSC1204 (Fong Shu Chuen Building, Ho Sin Hang campus), or on zoom whilst classes are online:

amypang [at] hkbu [dot] edu [dot] hk