Problem Solving Interest Group

We meet regularly to discuss Olympiad-style math problems (examples). It's a very relaxed group: there is no homework, you don’t need to come to every meeting, and you can come without joining the competition.

Most problems require only very basic knowledge from high school (a few require year 2 math classes; I will tell you), but they’re challenging because they look unfamiliar and require creative solutions. The questions are hard and you are not expected to solve them all (in 2019 4 out of 8 questions is enough to come top 1/4 internationally and win $100AUD) - the aim is to have fun thinking about them.

All students are welcome - all year groups, all majors, no matter which math classes you have or have not taken.

After each meeting, I will send a summary of problem-solving tips we discussed. To join the mailing list, email me :

Possible future meeting dates and activities: About the competition (Simon Marais Mathematics Competition)