(last updated: 30 July 2019)
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Logistics for final year projects (FYP) with me

My FYPs have two types: If you want to do an FYP with me, you should let me know in March, so we can find a topic that we both enjoy. In April I will fix the topics and you will only be able to choose from those. In particular, they may be all research or all expository projects (e.g. all 2016-17 projects were expository, all 2017-18 projects are research).

If you are considering a research FYP with me, and you did not contact me in March, then you should contact me before you choose your projects. It is difficult to describe research projects in writing, so talking to me will give you a much better idea of what the project requires and whether you will enjoy it.

I strongly recommend that research FYP students start their projects in the summer, because research is unpredictable. We may be stuck for ideas, so there may be long periods where we cannot make progress.

Logistics for summer research projects (SRP) with me

My SRPs are independent of the math department. Contact me directly if you are interested, the earlier the better.

The SRP topics are not fixed in advance: depending on the students who are interested, I will choose something suitable for their backgrounds and interests.

The difference from FYPs: The difference from math department SRPs:

Selection criteria

For research FYPs and SRPs: I treat my research students seriously as research collaborators. I'm giving you a real part of my research project, and I will acknowledge your contribution in papers and talks. In return I expect you to work seriously on the project, to the best of your ability. (You are NOT expected to have significant results, given the short time period.) If you expect to be too busy to give enough time to the project, you are advised to choose another supervisor or an expository project. For expository FYPs: you must be interested in the topic, and have the motivation to read independently about it. No minimum GPA.

In all cases: if you do not meet with me about the projects, and have never talked to me in office hours or after class, it is very likely that I will reject you.

Possible expository FYPs

You need to tell me in March that you want to do one of these, otherwise I might not set it. If there's something else you want to read about, please suggest it! I always want to learn more math.

Some guidelines / tips about FYP

This file is a draft and will be updated from time to time.
My own FYP - I wrote this in my masters' year so it's longer and mathematically harder than what I expect from you, but this is so you can see the style. (The pictures are missing.) It is an expository thesis, there is no new mathematics there.